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MMR is a full service research firm with a dedicated field team.
We are operating in 2 countries: Indonesia and Malaysia.
We also have done work in the region (Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and China).


Qualitative research is exploratory research used to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions and motivations.


Give you objective measurement of your brand power, product performance, customer satisfaction and loyalty, which enable you to understand current market situation, and take informed marketing decisions.


Mitra Market Research has its own field infrastructure with national coverage in all markets, supported by in-house data entry teams.

About Us

Mitra Market Research (MMR) is a full service market research company with dedicated field teams in Indonesia and Malaysia.

We have experienced researchers with varied backgrounds such as, marketing, statisticians/ mathematicians, etc. Our researchers specialize in specific industries such as FMCG, Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Automotive, Telecommunication, etc.

Our Qualitative Specialists work exclusively on qualitative projects and likewise the quantitative teams to ensures greater levels of expertise in these areas.

We have extensive experience in managing qualitative and quantitative research projects, both single and multi-country. We are experts in research protocols in most countries and we are accustomed to working in an international setting.

Our Quantitative Field Teams manage large scale urban and rural surveys, and continuous tracking studies. We also have experienced Qualitative Field Teams that are capable in handling various qualitative studies.


Working with MMR is the best experience in market survey that I have ever done. You really understand the local market automotive industry therefore. It becomes easy for us to dig for deep information that we need. Great appreciation for your team support and dedication to provide information on time, clear and with great accuracy to reflect real market situation.
Business Development Manager – Volvo
I love working with MMR in Indonesia! They are problem solving, attentive to your needs and very well organized
Tommaso Pronunzio
Partner, Market Research and Consumer Insight Specialist at ALES Market Research - Milan, Italy
D3 had the pleasure of working in 2019 with MMR on a national opinion survey and was very impressed with their organizational skills, transparency and overall professionalism. D3 continues to include MMR in our proposals for future projects. D3 had the opportunity to be on-site with MMR both in Jakarta and out in the field, observing their work from program managers to trainers to interviewers in the field. Everyone of their team members conducted themselves in a professional matter and were able to navigate common pitfalls of fieldwork (sampling, interviewing, utilization of our own CAPI software, contact reporting, etc.).
MMR was quick to address any of D3’s questions or concerns. We look forward to a productive and prosperous working relationship with MMR for years to come.
David A. Jodice Ph.D.
Founder and CEO - D3 Systems, Inc.
Overall we are quite happy with MMR services, they are able to conduct recruitment for Focus group / Home visits within short notice, provide good quality respondents for Focus group according to the research guidelines, provide data tabulation of research results as per timeline and able to provide a reasonable research cost.
Haniza Tahir
Senior Marketing Brand Manager - Uni-Charm Malaysia

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We have experience and commitment to delivering high quality fieldwork in an accurate, fast, and price competitive way across a diverse range of market sectors. With expertise in survey design, fieldwork delivery and statistical analysis, MMR delivers high quality quantitative market research across a broad and loyal client base.

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