Quality Control​

We provide each individual with the knowledge and skills needed for his job-function through the combination of initial training, on-going training, and refresher training. We take every measure to ensure data integrity.

We promote quality awareness through:

  • Quality Self-checks: checks on specific work areas on a weekly basis.
  • Quality Surveillance: executive level checks which are done on a monthly basis.
  • Quality Audits: management audits.

We ensure that:

  • 10% of interviews in every study are witnessed by a supervisor and/or team leader.
  • 20% of each interviewer’s work is back checked post interview.

We maintain strict control over the quality of data processing through:

  • Permanent data entry teams to manage all data entry and processing in-house
  • We use the latest software for market research such as QPSMR and SPSS for analysis requirements

We enforce strict checks to minimize data entry errors:

  • The project executive will check the first 20 sheets per coder / data puncher
  • At least 10% of the total sheets coded per coder/data puncher are checked
  • 100% data cleaning
  • 100% progress specs and data table checking